Encourage your challenges(肯定すること) 福岡真司

“Encourage your challenges”
This is one of my photo exhibition’s themes that I held before.

If you are an athlete, you may wish you will stand on the podium, and so did I.However, only one person wins the gold medal.

Whether it is a sport or not, when you keep focused on something, you face difficulties. Rather, there are more hard times than easy ones.  
In such times, you need to believe your own possibilities, not the right answer someone gives to you.

I, myself, struggled and wanted to be affirmative to myself. So, I started taking photos, which I believed I am potential.I was not good at sport or in school, but with taking photos, I thought I could do well.I have devoted all my energies into photos. Since I don’t like to be taught by someone, I have learned by myself and did lots of trials. Sometimes, I find it fun, but mostly, stressful. I cannot even smile, because this is the only one thing that I can believe as my strength.However, so far as I believe in my possibilities, I will never be hopeless and go on to the next option.

What you see with your eyes are not the whole world. The step to reach your goals differs person to person. You should try every single option in order to realize what fits you. There’s no right answer.

Through interviewing you, all I can do is help you to find some new options. If there are options, there are possibilities.

Becoming the winner is a wonderful experience, but it is not all the worthy things in life.To make progress half a step by step is definitely an exciting and worthy experience.

I want to make your possibilities, and encourage your challenges.

Shinji Fukuoka

translated by Sakiko Emori










福岡 真司